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5 Tips that helped me tone up and lose weight

As you guys know I struggled a lot with my relationship with food, partly due to modelling but mainly due to my own insecurities and constant need to be thin. I tried so many fad diets, sure they worked... temporarily that is. Only to find I would put on more weight! I know this is something a lot of people can relate to, I'm no nutritionist or trainer but I've been there.

My partner, Josh, (personal trainer and transformation coach) helped me change my negative relationship with food. I could sit here and tell you it was easy, but it wasn't. It was a long road and I often reverted back to my bad "model" habits, however with his support and constant reassurance I eventually made a change. These are some of the tips I wish I had've believed from the get go and I knew I had to share them with you!


Sound obvious? You should've listened to your mum, she's always right! I hate it when people say "I don't have time for breakfast" or even worse "I want to save my calories for lunch" all you're really doing is telling your body to go into starvation mode. Say you haven't eaten since dinner, and you aren't going to eat till 12pm... thats 17 hours of no fuel.

You'll have cravings during the day, end up eating a super carb packed lunch and your body will hold on to every last bit of it, wondering when you're next going to actually eat. This is SO bad for you metabolism too, eat breakfast!!! There's so many quick, healthy breakfasts you can make too. No excuses!


This one was a bit harder for me to get my head around... Josh explains it like your body is a fire. How do you keep a fire burning? By adding more wood. You can't expect to lose weight if you aren't fuelling your body with enough food. The more frequently and consistently you eat, the faster your metabolism becomes. This is my favourite tip, mainly because when I first met Josh I would go to the toilet once maybe twice a week if I was lucky. (TMI I know) Why? My metabolism was screwed from all the stupid fad diets I put it through!


Craving a burger on a girls night? Eat it. I truly feel that the worst thing you can do is deprive yourself of that tasty burger on the weekend. If you're anything like me you're gonna feel like you're missing out, have a few drinks and end up getting the uber to stop at maccas on the way home and ordering a larger combo, nuggets anddddd a sundae. Just have the burger at dinner would you? Don't feel bad about it either, it's okay to have a cheat meal on the weekend, it'll keep you on track during the week.

4. 80/20

Tip 3 brings me to my next point, what we swear by. Stop dieting. I said it, seriously. It's stupid, when have you ever done a "diet" thats sustainable and keeps the weight off? I truly believe you should eat everything on a 80/20 basis. Eat clean 80% of the time and naught 20% of the time. As cliche as it sounds, eating well should be a lifestyle. Not a death sentence!

Josh and I eat clean during the week then on friday night we're always knackered from the week so we stay in. Watch a movie, order our fav pizza and have a glass of wine. If we want wedges... we get them.

Be careful you don't lengthen your cheat meal over the entire weekend though! Otherwise you'll just be undoing all your hard work throughout the week.


This one has become a recent favourite. Mainly because after a week of doing it, I've noticed how much tighter my waist is looking. I'm not saying you have to go out for a 10k run before breakfast, we're not up for losing those booty gains! Just go for a fast walk in the morning, easy as that. I tend to have a thermogenic fat burner such as Burn or Oxyshred before I go and typically come back like a sweaty pigglet. I get it, walking doesn't sound like it does much but on an empty stomach it does wonders! Bonus is it puts you in a great headspace for the day! I tend to make excuses not to go, like "oh I need to start work, I don't have time." Just your typical lazy excuses really, so I've started doing my social media posts/ doing emails while I'm out. Plus I get to take Sachii for her morning exercise while I'm at it so that's always a bonus.

Should I do a post with my go to breakfasts? Let me know! Also p.s the link isn't sponsored but If you're wanting to get the fat burner above Josh has a code for $$ off all Optimum products! It's Leflex10 and works on top of sales too. Yass.

p.p.s Good luck on your journey! I hope these tips helped you and definitely get in touch if you need any help.

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