Sarah Harris is a New Zealand model, entrepreneur and content creator. Through her infectious personality and down to earth attitude, Sarah has become one of New Zealand’s most recognized social media influencers with over 1.6 million Instagram followers alone. 


Growing up, Sarah was an outgoing tomboy. Spending her time outdoors, riding horses and taking her studies seriously. After gaining a scholarship to study Applied Science, Sarah would have never dreamed of launching a modeling career. 


After entering the industry in 2014, she has already exceeded many of her modeling goals, working with renowned companies including GUESS, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Esquire, FHM, and Playboy. 


Her professional yet easy going, passionate, hard-working attitude makes her a pleasure to work with on any assignment. Known worldwide for being a “Chameleon” when it comes to modeling and events, Sarah easily works and talks to people from all walks of life easily. 



Sarah’s diverse experience working with companies from GUESS to AMI insurance shows there is no assignment too challenging. Although Sarah’s main passion lies in Swimwear modeling, she loves transforming herself for each project and enjoys the challenge. 


Outside of modeling, Sarah combined her passion for health and fitness with her partner Josh and with his knowledge, and qualifications they launched Leflex Fitness. A health and fitness based platform, providing the correct knowledge and tools to help you succeed at your goals. Sarah’s international fan base has continued to grow as her excitement to expand her horizons has. The couple has a newfound passion for travel, with many exciting travel vlogging trips in the near future. 


Currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, Sarah’s website aims to act as a portal for you to join Sarah’s travel and endeavors through the member's section of this website, and through the social media links below. 

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